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Dentistry For Kids, Orthodontics For Everyone!

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168 Route 10 West,
Succasunna NJ, 07876

Dentistry For Kids, Orthodontics For Everyone!

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Dentistry For Kids, Orthodontics For Everyone!

168 Route 10 West,
Succasunna NJ, 07876

Braces & Sports

Braces for Kids in Succasunna, NJ

Braces for Kids in Succasunna, NJ

It’s important for all athletes to wear a mouthguard. This includes patients with braces or not. Many people believe that mouthguards are really only important for football and hockey, but soccer, basketball, cheer, baseball, wrestling and lacrosse athletes are also at risk for dental trauma. An orthodontic mouthguard is designed with a space in front of the teeth to fit over the braces. It is important not to boil your orthodontic mouthguard because your teeth will be moving during treatment.

Braces & Musical Instruments

Brass instruments such as trumpet and the reedless woodwinds such as the flute can sometimes be a challenge during orthodontic treatment. To play these instruments with braces forces musicians to focus on their embouchure technique as they adjust to the braces and results in the student becoming a more skilled player. Products such as “braces bumpers,” silicone bumpers that fit over the braces, can protect the lips from the corners of the braces.

Braces & Water

Drinking water is always essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle; our bodies need it! Water is even more important with braces because it can help flush sugars and food particles out from around the braces and reduce the risk of cavities, white spots and staining. Drinks high in acids and sugars such as soda and sports drinks are the most damaging to teeth. It is recommended that you water down sports drinks to reduce the acid and sugar concentration while still benefiting from the hydration and electrolytes.
Dr. Eric Frank’s original article, An Orthodontist’s Tips on Braces, appeared in Westchester Family.

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Absolutely love how clean and presentable this dentist office is. The staff is incredibly nice and always here to help if there is any problem. This is the First place my kids felt comfortable getting cavity fillings. My kids love coming here and I highly recommend anyone with kids old and young trying this location. - Carolina Pinero 5 star review carolina
Walked in a was in awe. Staff super friendly. Perfect for my kids. So happy I found a dentist that I love. - Shontel Dixon 5 star review shontel
Thanks to Roxbury/Randolph Orthodontics my son and I are well on our way to a beautiful smile!! Great customer service, everyone is extremely friendly! Highly recommend them! - Joellys Perez 5 star review joellys

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